About Me

Daniel remembers his first impression of the classical guitar as being his initial calling to the instrument. Daniel would come to hear an arrangement of the song “Michelle” by the Beatles for solo classical guitar on a local television’s arts channel. He vividly remembers hearing the rich harmonic opening notes and being instantly captivated by the instrument’s quality of sound.

When Daniel later inevitably found the masters such as Paco de Lucia and Andres Segovia, he found musicians that would leave such an impression on him that he knew from then on, there was no going back.

In this time, Daniel would earnestly pursue his musical studies in search of expanding his knowledge and skills. Academically, he is a graduate of Ventura College with an emphasis in classical guitar performance. During his time in college, he would gain the foundational knowledge in music theory and performance that are essential for the professional musician.

Daniel has a love for learning and is always seeking to deepen his knowledge in the artistry of music. He persistently enjoys seeking private instruction, attending as well as participating in masterclasses, and of course, attending concerts.